If tanks and cute 2D girls duking it out are your thing, you’ll love Goddess Kiss by Flero Games. And if they aren’t? This mobile game you’ve never heard of might just change your mind.

A strategy RPG at its core, Goddess Kiss first grabs your attention with its cast of pretty girls, each of whom pilots her own unique mech unit. You recruit, train and outfit these girls to build specialised teams of doom, destroy various PVE and PVP modes and claim your rightful title as King Overlord of Pilot Waifus.

Strategic gameplay

Combat in Goddess Kiss is deceptively simple. Recruitable pilots each operate a mech with a unique set of upgradable skills. You deploy a maximum of 5 mech units within a 3×3 grid to engage in automated battle against another team. Taking or dealing damage charges each mech’s ultimate bar, and you’re able to manually activate their skills at maximum charge.

Goddess Kiss Ariel Rossi skills

A large part of the actual strategising occurs before battles even begin – positioning your units in order to counter the opponent’s formation will often make or break the fight. Mechs specialise in offense, defense or support, and using skills effectively is often a matter of unit knowledge and precise timing. Being a fraction of a second late could mean the difference between OHKO-ing a unit or allowing it to get off a full heal on the entire opposing party.

Goddess Kiss combat
In Goddess Kiss, you (counter-intuitively) want to place your healer right in the front. Soaking up damage charges her ultimate bar, allowing you to get off maximum leet healz.


Multiple game modes

There’s a surprising amount of strategic depth to Goddess Kiss. Progress far enough in the PVE campaign mode and you’ll unlock modes like Boss Raid, PVP Arena, Shootout Arena, Daily Battle arena, Death Match arena…the list goes on. The kicker: pretty much every mode requires a unique strategy or combination of skills to excel at.

Take for example the Shootout Arena, where you pit your team against a neverending procession of enemy units. This mode rewards longevity – you’ll want a healer and a decent tank on your end of things. Then there’s the PVP Arena, where strategies range from full defense to full offense and everything in between. Let’s not even get started on Boss Raid, where each of the two available bosses require entirely different strategies to beat.

In other words, you’re looking at assembling a different team for each mode, or at least making slight modifications to your initial story campaign team.

Goddess Kiss - main map
The pilot on the left there blowing you a kiss is Ilayda Mahn. Hands off 😉

Building teams is where the fun’s at in Goddess Kiss, though. There’s no shortage of cute girls and team variations in the game, which brings us to…


Top-tier waifus

What we’re all here for, and man does the game deliver on this. Besides the fantastic character designs and art style, each pilot comes fully voice acted – and in Korean, no less! After recruiting a pilot, you’ll be able to check which costumes are available to them. Here’s Jung E-young for example: she’s one of your starter pilots. Jung has 4 unlockable outfits, each of which gives her a significant boost in various battle stats.

Disclaimer: stat increments do not scale with the level of undress Jung is at.

There’s a pilot for everyone, whether your tastes run towards the large-chested samurai or twin-tailed tsundere varieties. Someone on reddit has very kindly set up this great website where you can preview the full range of pilots available, along with their outfits and animations.

As a fun twist, you also get to raise your pilots’ affection levels by giving them gifts, not unlike in your standard dating sim game. Gifts drop randomly while playing certain stages, and nurturing a pilot’s love for you grants them permanent additional stats on the side. These stats grow to pretty significant numbers if you stay faithful to one waifu, by the way. The game clearly does not advocate cheating.

Goddess Kiss Velen Pataky profile


Slow and steady wins the race

Goddess Kiss is undeniably grindy. Such is the fate of all decent mobile games, with their timer-based rewards and sneaky hooks to entice you into logging in day after day. You’ll be grinding for medals to recruit pilots, grinding to level your pilots and mech units up, grinding pilots’ affection levels…you get the gist.

With that said, the game is very well-paced. Goddess Kiss isn’t one of those soul-sucking, life-destroying mobile games that builds itself off stringent cooldown timers; you won’t find yourself setting alarms at 1, 3 and 5am respectively to collect resources or set an upgrade. Not that I’ve ever done this, mind you. Here, you get a good sense of progression at a reasonably casual level of play – think a couple of hours a day to complete the core modes. There’s no real rush to hit the end game (is there even one yet?) so burnout isn’t an issue. The game even has its own inbuilt set of achievements to guide you along the progression curve.

Goddess Kiss achievement list

Of course, if you’re so inclined, there are…ways…to speed up your progression.


Show me the money

Wallet a little heavy and you feel the need to relieve it? Goddess Kiss runs an ingenious double whammy VIP + gacha reward system. Purchasing diamonds, the in-game currency, allows you to roll for units that would otherwise take you months to farm up.

Once you pass certain purchase gateways – buying 1000 diamonds, for example – you unlock VIP statuses which grant various in-game perks in turn. Most notable is the VIP 12 level, which unlocks the special Cruise Hall where you can scout the game’s most elite (and overpowered) pilots.

Goddess Kiss VIP 12 Benefits
You’re looking at a couple thousand’s worth of diamonds here.

There’s no real need to spend money in Goddess Kiss, though. Many of the strongest and most popular units (Ilayda, Elin, Min You-Hyun) are available simply by playing the in-game modes. Flinging real cash at the game merely speeds up the process.


Goddess Kiss is one of those games that’s great to play in your downtime and forget about for the rest of the day. At the same time, it’s got everything you really need in a mobile title covered: gorgeous aesthetics, great gameplay and a steady, rewarding sense of progression. New pilots and campaigns are launched on the regular so there’s no shortage of things to do, either. You’ll be hooked for a long time to come, so enjoy this one!


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Goddess Kiss is free-to-play on both iOS and Android.

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