Postknight is an adorable, bite-sized RPG that puts a charming twist on multiple elements from beloved games. Building on the legacy of titles like Harvest Moon, you nurture relationships with several female NPC characters – through bribery, of course. But don’t off and squander that hard-earned Red Rose now! Here’s a cheat sheet to ensure your gifts are properly appreciated.

(Postknight girls featured in all their qt glory above: Camellia, Asteria, Dahlia, Magnolia, Fleur and Senna.)

Similar to Postknight’s spiritual predecessors, you build relationships with the girls by gifting them appropriate gifts. Gifts that they like increase their affection levels, while gifts they dislike reduce them. A natural decay of affection levels occurs over time, so make sure to visit often!



Postknight Girls: Magnolia

Game description: A sweet and simple girl from Pompon, Magnolia is pleasant and easy-going. When flowers are in bloom, she enjoys strolling through the fields. She loves home-cooked food, especially soup. Favourite colour: White

Waifu analysis: The quintessential girl-next-door, Magnolia is the Postknight version of your childhood sweetheart and first love rolled into one. She wants to bake cookies, bear you four children and have family picnics every Sunday.

Likes: White Lily, Spring Blooms, Honey, Mushroom Soup, Apple Juice, Polka Dot Ribbon.

Unlock Requirements: Complete Timber Path V in Pompon Village.



Postknight Girls: Fleur

Game description: A shy bookworm, Fleur is an apprentice alchemist who helps those in need. When apples are in season, she is most happy. She loves spicy food, even though she may not look it. Favourite colour: Green

Waifu analysis: Glasses. Glasses. Glasses.

Likes: Honey, Apple Juice, Curry Rice, Green Orchid, Leaf Handkerchief.

Unlock Requirements: Complete Creek Trail V in Pompon Village.



Postknight Girls: Dahlia

Game description: Always looking for fun and thrills, Dahlia is confident and daring. She loves beer and beef, claiming that her family’s inn serves the best ones. Favourite colour: Red

Waifu analysis: Dahlia will coyly invite you to a dinner date and turn up in a miniskirt and stillettos. She’ll spend the rest of the night playing footsie with you while drinking you under the table. I really don’t know what else you could ask for.

Likes: Roast Beef, Beer, Red Rose, Hoop Earrings.

Unlock Requirements: Achieve Postknight Rank B and reach Caldemount.



Postknight Girls: Senna

Game description: A nature-loving girl, animals flock to Senna even though she may seem hard to approach. As she grew up on a farm, Senna loves animal produce, but also yearns for rare dishes from the sea. Favourite colour: Yellow

Waifu analysis: …I got nothing. Barnyard fantasies…?

Likes: Grilled Salmon, Milk, Feather Pendant, Yellow Daffodil.

Unlock Requirements: Reach Griffondell.



Postknight Girls: Camellia

Game description: A well-mannered maiden from the city, Camellia is a homemaker learning the tips and tricks to her family business. She likes teas of the finest quality and prefers a fresh and healthy diet. Favourite colour: Pink

Waifu analysis: Camellia’s only desire is to live in an old English castle and fill it with gluten-free pastas. She’ll fill you with a deep appreciation for anything with frills and raise your social status by approximately tenfold.

Likes: Salad, Peach Tea, Pink Carnation, Coffee, Honey, Pancakes, Red Rose.

Unlock Requirements: Reach Caldemount.



Postknight Girls: Asteria

Game description: Asteria does not care much about her appearance, preferring to focus on gadgets instead. Talented in smithing, she has travelled far to improve her skills. She has a sweet tooth and loves her daily dose of caffeine. Favourite Colour: Blue

Waifu analysis: Asteria will build you a customised monster PC along with an army of robot puppies that will obey your every command.

Likes: Coffee, Pancakes, Lavender, Apple Juice, Coffee, Milk, Roast Beef.

Unlock Requirements: Reach Valley of Gold.


Postknight is free-to-play on both iOS and Android.

Download for iOS
Download for Android

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